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Rental bikes

Dornbirn bikes start into the season!

Rental bikes Dornbirn

If you want to get to know Dornbirn and the surrounding region independently and in an uncomplicated way, set off on your Dornbirn bike. A ride with the e-city or e-mountain bike up the Bödele, an exploration tour through the Dornbirner Ried or a trip to the surrounding villages are easily doable this way.

To rent a Dornbirn bicycle, a cell phone with Bluetooth and registration in the "Dornbirn Fahrrad" app are required. Once registered, the desired period and the bicycle can already be reserved. For groups, it is also possible to book several bicycles via one user. At the bicycle parking lot near the Kulturhaus Dornbirn, the cell phone is needed again to open the bicycle lock. Since a Bluetooth connection is established between the cell phone and the bike lock, this must be activated. The lock can then be opened via the app and the tour can begin. During breaks on the road, the lock can be locked at any time.


Hourly rate € 4,00.

For use over 12 hours, the price remains at the full day rate of € 48.00.
If a booking lasts more than 24 hours, the full-day rate and the time elapsed will be charged.


How can I book and unlock the bike via the app, which bike models are available, where can I pick up and return the bike? These and many other questions are answered here:  FAQ Dornbirn Bike

Bicycle map

In Dornbirn and the surrounding area there are many beautiful bike paths that want to be explored. In our free bike map are all Dornbirn bike paths in the overview. Available at Dornbirn Tourism.

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