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FAQ Dornbirn Bike App

All important questions answered

How can I book a Dornbirn bike?

From now on, bookings are only possible via the "Dornbirn Fahrrad" app. The app is available for free download for Android devices in the Google Play Store and for Apple devices in the Apple Store. The app is absolutely necessary for the start-up of the booked bike - only by means of the cell phone the lock can be opened and locked.

Do I have to register in the app?

Yes, registration is required to make a reservation, pay for the booking and unlock the electronic lock on the bike.

Where can I pick up and return the booked bike?

The pick-up and return location is always at the Kulturhaus Dornbirn (Rathausplatz 1). It is important that the bike is reconnected to the charger when it is returned!

How can I unlock the electronic lock on the bike?

Activate Bluetooth on the cell phone and then open the Dornbirn Fahrrad app. In the booking, the lock can be opened and also locked again.

What are the payment options?

Credit card and debit card. The invoice is then sent to the personal email.

How long can I rent a bike?

In principle, a bike can be rented for one or more days. The possible length of a booking depends on when the bike was reserved by another person. However, the app will indicate this in the event of an overlap.

How much does a ride cost?

The hourly rate is € 4.00. For use of 12 hours or more, the price remains at the full-day rate of € 48.00. If a booking lasts more than 24 hours, the full-day rate and the respective half hour will be charged.

What are the models of bicycles?

E-Trekkingbike: Aluminum frame, Shimano 8-speed hub gears, Shimano hydr. disc brakes, BROSE Drive C motor with 522 Wh battery pack, parking light and brake light, comfort saddle, Schwalbe tires, frame size: medium.

E-Mountainbike: Aluminum frame with Powertube down tube, suspension fork, Shimano Deore 12-speed gears, Shimano hydr. disc brakes, BROSE Drive S motor with 630 Wh battery pack, Schwalbe MTB tires, mudguards, frame size: medium

How to put a bike into operation:

1. check the bicycle for damage not suitable for riding
2. Disconnect charging plug from bike, close protective cap
3. Open lock via the app