Dornbirn Live

Dornbirn in your pocket

At, useful information about the city can be accessed on a single platform - and in real time.

The citizen information tool "Dornbirn Live" is a so-called Progressive Web App (PWA), a web-based application for digital devices. This means that "Dornbirn Live" can be used on both cell phones and PCs. The portal displays useful information in real time: In addition to waste dates, pharmacy emergency services, events, trade, gastronomy, the Dornbirn municipal gazette and various weather stations, there is also a Dornbirn encyclopedia with exciting facts and stories about the city and a dialect encyclopedia with a read-aloud function. The "Gastronomy" function, which filters out which restaurants are open at the current time, also offers great added value. To make it easier to access the information tool, an app icon can be pinned to the home screen if desired - this takes users to "Dornbirn Live" with a click. For this purpose, a pop-up is displayed the first time the page is called up. The aim is to make everyday life easier for users by providing information that can be called up at any time.

Over time, additional functions are to be added to those already available. For example, information on public transport and the utilization of parking garages as well as individual excursion destinations is planned.

The functions at a glance

  • Waste dates: Display of next collection dates at own address including possibility of push notification the day before
  • Weather stations: City, Ebnit, Karren, Enz, Lank
  • Pharmacy and doctor emergency service
  • Municipal gazette: current municipal gazette as well as archive of past issues
  • News: Current press releases of the city of Dornbirn
  • Events: Upcoming events with related information
  • Trade: Trade businesses with filter function according to categories
  • Gastronomy: Currently open gastronomy businesses with filter function
  • Status Achfurt: Info about Achfurt closures including webcam
  • Webcams: View of the market place and link to other webcams
  • Experiences and excursions: Activities for every weather
  • Dialect lexicon: dialect words with translation and read aloud function
  • Dornbirn lexicon: interesting facts about the city
  • Social media: Facebook posts to read up on - even without an account (currently only available for Android)
  • Direct notifications: Daily news (e.g. postponement or cancellation of events).

A big thank you for the support goes to the Dornbirner Sparkasse.


  • "Dornbirn Live" - Dornbirn in your pocket
  • Available on PC and mobile
  • Real-time information available at any time
  • Push messages possible
  • URL: