Stadtspuren - Industry and change

Under the title " Stadtspuren. Industry and Change", stories about rise and decline, about continuities and breaks are told at 15 stations. A search for traces along historical sites and objects, sponsored by the Province of Vorarlberg and the Federal Ministry of Art and Culture.

"STADTSPUREN" show the experience space city as a kind of open-air museum. "Industry and Change" describes the dynamics and significance of industry up to the present day.

15 stations traverse the city from Forach to Gütle on a route of about 6.5 km, the Zanzenberg vantage point provides an overview. The route follows the oldest weaving and spinning mills along the Dornbirner Ache and the Müllerbach, but also leads past still producing companies in the metal, electrical and food industries.

The "STADTSPUREN" consist of three elements: the individual stations along the Dornbirner Ache and Müllerbach, furthermore a book with in-depth information, as well as an app that guides from station to station and offers additional media. The route of the city tracks can also be walked and driven along in sections.

Download app tour: here