Rappenloch and Alploch Canyon

Due to the cold spell and the resulting danger of falling rocks and slipping, the Rappenloch and Alploch are closed for the winter. Entering and walking on the Rappenloch and Alploch is therefore prohibited for safety reasons. The release will take place after rock clearance has been carried out and announced in the coming spring.

In Gütle, a district of Dornbirn, lie two of the largest gorges in Central Europe. The Rappenloch and the Alploch gorges. Boardwalks lead past breathtaking scenery. One hour is enough to hike from the starting point in the Gütle through the first gorge, past Lake Staufen and then through the Alpenloch Gorge to the Ebniter Straße. From there, buses run regularly back to the starting point, the former Hämmerle factory - now home to the Rolls Royce Museum.

Rappenlochschlucht open as far as the old bridge
The Rappenloch gorge is currently accessible from the Gütle up to the level of the old Rappenloch bridge. After that, you have to change to the bypass to get to Lake Staufen or to the hiking route at the Karren.