Rappenloch and Alploch Canyon

Rappenloch gorge open as far as the old bridge
The Rappenloch gorge is currently accessible from the Gütle up to the level of the old Rappenloch bridge. After that you have to change to the bypass road to get to the Staufensee or to the hiking route to the Karren, to the Alploch and to the Kirchle.

Renovation of the Rappenloch footbridge - opening on weekends 
In the course of the installation of the falsework, the safety and accessibility of the footbridge was also checked and the necessary renovation and securing work was carried out. This will allow, currently still during the weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), a safe pedestrian traffic underneath the falsework to the construction road (way to clear the Rappenloch). In the coming weeks, that area of the footpath that is below the bridge will be secured with an enclosure so that the footbridge can also be opened during further work on the bridge. 

Attention construction traffic
A new bridge is being built to the mountain village of Ebnit. For this reason, the Rappenloch is only accessible to a limited extent. The construction work is expected to last until autumn 2022.

  • The hiking and biking routes have partly changed - see map
  • The Alploch as well as the Kirchle can only be reached on foot via the bypass road
  • The route "Staufenseeweg" is currently not recommended. There is heavy traffic on the bypass road
  • With the country bus line 46 you can get directly to Staufensee