Museum Mohren Biererlebniswelt

Museum Mohren Biererlebniswelt, Dornbirn

At the museum of the Mohren World of Beer in the town of Dornbirn the history of beer brewing comes alive. This interactive, multimedia experience is presented on four stories, with over 700 square meters of displays. Visitors can view numerous exhibits from the collection of the company’s owners – the Huber family – and discover interesting facts about this company’s historically important cultural heritage.

At the center of all these exhibits is a complete, well-preserved collection historic brewing equipment from the former pub brewery Schäfle in the town of Satteins. The brewery equipment originates from the 19th century and was in operation until 1917. In 1989, the Mohrenbräu managing director, Heinz Huber, acquired these Items for the museum, and they were carefully restored with loving detail.