The new Dornbirner Stadtmagazin!

Edition #15 available free of charge at Dornbirn Tourismus

The new Dornbirner Stadtmagazin 6850!

The new Dornbirn Stadtmagazin 6850 is published just in time for the beginning of spring. 15th issue presents the diversity that Dornbirn has to offer. Fashion, cuisine, art and architecture form the framework and special stories. The new issue appeals to tourists and locals alike and inspires with stories and facts about Vorarlberg's largest city.

The new Stadtmagazin is available free of charge from Dornbirn Tourismus

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Many thanks to all the sponsors of the Dornbirn Stadtmagazin: Dornbirner Sparkasse, Raiffeisenbank Rheintal, Hypo Vorarlberg, Volksbank Vorarlberg, Werbegemeinschaft inside Dornbirn, Bodensee-Vorarlberg Tourismus, Messepark Dornbirn, Intersport Fischer Dornbirn, inatura Naturschau, Messe Dornbirn, Mohrenbrauerei Dornbirn, Bevanda Wein & Destillate, Mercedes Schneider Dornbirn, Juwelier Präg and Dornbirner Seilbahn AG.

Valentina Marchetti
Valentina Marchetti
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