Sommer im Park

in the Dornbirn Stadtgarten

Sommer im Park

From Thursday, August 8 to Saturday, August 10, 2024, the popular "Summer in the Park" event series offers a varied entertainment program in the cosy atmosphere of the Stadtgarten.

Once again, the city garden of inatura Dornbirn provides the beautiful backdrop for the popular "Summer in the Park" event series. The varied program has something to offer for all visitors - concerts, DJ sets and great entertainment for the kids. The varied program invites you to visit the event on all three days and enjoy the summer in one of the most beautiful parks in Dornbirn.


Thursday, August 8, 2024

6 p.m.: Gsiberger Trio

The Gsiberger Trio consists of three spirited young musicians who know how to set the mood. On guitar, keyboard, cajon and drums, they ensure a successful start to the weekend of events.


8.30 p.m.: Falco Luneau

Songs that you know and yet have perhaps never heard before, from the past to the present day, given their own flair, alternative acoustic rock sound and a dose of dirty vocals. Music to chill out and dance to, listen to and sing along to. Singer/songwriter FALCO LUNEAU takes you on a journey, from Neil Young, Johnny Cash and U2 to Coldplay, Kings of Leon and LinkinPark, as well as songs from his new solo album "One Last Dance".


Friday, August 9, 2024

3 p.m.: Teddy Eddy Join-in concert with Ingrid Hofer

Author Ingrid Hofer tells the funny and cheeky stories about Teddy Eddy and his friend Kim. But it's not just stories, there's also singing and dancing in between. A very entertaining and activating event for children aged 3 and over and the whole family.


6 p.m.: Poetry Slam with „Ländle Slam“

Six wonderful language artists will present the audience with a bouquet of exquisite words. Experienced poets and young talents will vie for the audience's favor. Whether prose, poetry or rap: whatever the spoken word has to offer is allowed.


8.30 p.m.: Fix&Bärtig

No, dear audience, this is neither a barbershop nor instant soup. fix&bärtig is pure acoustic music, completely free of additives and best served fresh. A lively composition of rousing beats and melodies to sing along to, paired with a diverse selection of songs that is second to none. Specially forged interpretations are plucked, beaten, stomped, blown and powerfully sung with all kinds of instruments at high temperatures - with full physical commitment. At fix&bärtig concerts, it is not uncommon for fox and hare to say good morning to each other after a night of dancing the night away.


Saturday, August 10

3 p.m.: Clowntheater with Clownfrau Lililu

Lillilu is looking forward to finally celebrating a party again. Luckily, she also knows exactly what it takes to get into the party mood! But as is so often the case in life, she gets in her own way, trips over her own two feet and ends up in the middle of chaos! Nevertheless, everyone is invited - after all, you're supposed to celebrate when you fall - or what was that again?


6 p.m.: DJ Hades

DJ Hades can certainly be described as a veteran of the hip hop and disco scene in Vorarlberg, as he has been intensively involved with these two styles of music since the end of the 1970s at the height of the disco wave and the birth of hip hop. In the meantime, however, his sets are by no means limited to disco and rap from various eras and styles, but are supplemented with everything danceable from funk, soul, R&B, club sounds and retro hits. He can currently be seen and heard regularly in various Vorarlberg clubs such as Market 33, Tür Eins, Rauch Club and Jahnhalle.


8.30 p.m.: Kabelbruch

Kabelbruch stands for powerful rock/pop covers from the 80s to the present day. The acoustic band from Vorarlberg has a broad program, with sounds from Metallica to Melissa Etheridge to Florence + The Machine, they are guaranteed to rock any location!

In addition to the varied program, Magari Pizza, Cooking Ninja, the ice cream shop and inatura gastronomy will take care of your physical well-being.




  • "Summer in the Park" in the Dornbirn City Garden (near inatura)
  • Thursday, August 8 to Saturday, August 10, 2024
  • Thursday, August 8, 2023
    6 p.m.: Gsiberger Trio
    9.30 p.m.: Falco Luneau
  • Friday, August 9, 2024
    3 p.m.: Teddy Eddy join-in concert with Ingrid Hofer
    6 p.m.: Poetry Slam with "Ländle Slam"
    9.30 p.m.:  Fix&Bärtig
  • Saturday, August 10, 2024
    3 p.m.: Clown theater with clown woman Lililu
    6 p.m.: DJ Hades
    9.30 p.m.: Kabelbruch
  • Admission is free

The "Summer in the Park" event is supported by Mohrenbrauerei, Dornbirner Sparkasse, Illwerke VKW and 

Valentina Marchetti
Valentina Marchetti
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