Dornbirn flower meadow

Dornbirn will soon be in bloom again!

Dornbirn is becoming colorful again: the return of the blossoms!

City gardener Andreas Dür has once again arranged a unique flower seed mixture this year. When putting together the popular "Dornbirn flower meadow", the focus was on supporting bees. It is now available to purchase again from Dornbirn Tourismus. 

The "Dornbirn flower meadow" mixture is rich in various seeds, which are an important source of pollen and nectar for pollinators such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies. Andreas Dür, the city gardener, has made a varied selection: Cornflowers, cosmea, zinnias, flax, gypsophila, asters, calendula, sage, daisies, nigella, poppies, scabiosa and campanula. This floral splendour blooms from May to October and is sure to enrich numerous gardens and balconies this year with a bee-friendly and colorful variety.  

The "Dornbirner Blumenwiese" is now available again for € 5 from the Dornbirn Tourist Office. 

Silvia Hagspiel-Eisenhofer
Silvia Hagspiel-Eisenhofer
Project Director