Spielzimmer Dornbirn

Child involvement in urban planning

Child involvement in urban planning

Looking at Dornbirn's city center from the perspective of children and families is the aim of the "Dornbirn Spielzimmer" participation project. "With a survey and several events, we want to collect ideas and suggestions from our children and families on the design of the city center," reports Mayor Dipl.-Vw. Andrea Kaufmann. "The participation project was developed as part of the city's prevention team. This is where topics are discussed and ideas developed to make our city even more liveable for families," adds Marie-Louise Hinterauer, City Councillor for Families. The survey for parents was launched in the past few days and can be accessed online at www.dornbirn.at/spielzimmerdornbirn until mid-August.

The "Dornbirn Spielzimmer" is intended to complement the "Dornbirn Living Room" participation project carried out a year ago and is primarily aimed at Dornbirn families. "The results of this participation project are also important for the "City Center Master Plan", which is currently being developed by the city. They will show us how the city center is seen and used by children and families, but also where improvements will be necessary," says Deputy Mayor Julian Fässler. Not only are the results of the process important, but the creativity and wealth of ideas should also be valued.

The Dornbirn Spielzimmer focuses on the city center with the Stadtgarten area around the inatura and the market square up to the Europapassage and Schulgasse. In June, two third grade classes from the Markt elementary school and two kindergarten groups from the Marktstraße kindergarten took part in the project at several events. In August, children and families will also have the opportunity to take part in the "playroom" and contribute their suggestions for a child-friendly city center: On August 7 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Pfarrpark at the toy flea market and on August 9 and 10 from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Stadtgarten at "Summer in the Park". The playroom works as a station operation in which various methods are used to work with the children. It is particularly aimed at the 4 to 12 age group.