"No Border, No Nation"

Art installation at Campus V

The CampusVäre association, in cooperation with the European Forum Alpbach, opened the first large-scale art installation at Campus V. This can be experienced along the River at the Dornbirn campus until the end of October.

"What do we associate with flags and what images do they trigger in us? What would it mean if the nation state no longer existed?" these questions are addressed by Vorarlberg artist Andrea Salzmann in her work "No Border, No Nation". Just in time for the opening of the European Forum Alpbach, the video of the art installation in public space on the Ach at Campus V in Dornbirn, a collaborative work with the European Forum Alpbach, will be released.


The CampusVäre Association

METER FOR METER, a vibrant quarter for creative industries, innovation, research, education, art and culture is being created at Campus V, supporting Vorarlberg in expanding its international competitiveness and actively using the locational advantage in the four-country corner. CampusVäre is a neologism of the existing name Campus V and Atmosphere. The association is headed by cultural manager Bettina Steindl.