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What's new with mobile parking

PARK NOW becomes EasyPark

"Everything remains new" - the system introduced four years ago to pay parking fees conveniently and to the minute using a smartphone will be expanded from March. Bookings can then be made via the "EasyPark" app instead of from the "PARK NOW" app. "More than 20% of parking transactions in Dornbirn are now handled via smartphone. Dornbirn played a leading role in the nationwide introduction of this system four years ago," reports Mayor Dipl.-Vw. Andrea Kaufmann. The switch to the new app also means expanding the application to numerous other cities: more than 32,000 throughout Europe. "During the changeover, users will be guided from the existing app to the new application with step-by-step instructions; this should make the changeover smooth and quick," adds Digitization City Councilor Karin Feurstein-Pichler. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

15,000 users in Vorarlberg; around 6,000 parking transactions per month in Dornbirn; a share of more than 20% of total parking transactions: Handyparking is now a broad-based and widespread application of digitalization in Dornbirn. EasyPark additionally enables parking in 14 municipalities in Vorarlberg and in another 3,200 cities in 25 countries, including Germany, Italy and Switzerland. "As a rule, billing is by the minute, and any free minutes are automatically taken into account. Especially for visitors to the stores or restaurants in the city center, the convenient and precisely timed payment of the parking fee is a great advantage," adds City Marketing Councillor Dr. Alexander Juen. The app can also be used to pay ASFINAG route tolls, for example for the Arlberg tunnel or for the Brenner freeway.

PARK NOW becomes EasyPark

Last year, the international provider "EasyPark" took over the "PARK NOW" group. PARK NOW users will be invited via the app to transfer their account to EasyPark during the changeover starting in March. Step-by-step instructions will guide them through the simple process. The special Vorarlberg rate will be retained if desired. The EasyPark app is also available directly in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Other operators for mobile parking

In addition to "EasyPark", the operators "Parkster" and "handyparken" are now also available for parking in the 14 Vorarlberg municipalities. The individual offers differ, among other things, in terms of distribution or service options, payment methods and costs. A comparison on the website v-parking.at, which is maintained by the Vorarlberg municipalities, makes the selection easier. There are also corresponding notices on the parking machines.