Living room Dornbirn

Your ideas for the city center

The city of Dornbirn is launching an ideas competition to make the "living room downtown" even more livable and attractive.

"We want to implement the best suggestions together with the idea providers," explains Mayor Dipl.-Vw. Andrea Kaufmann. Quality of stay, mobility, sustainability, retail, culture/events or weekly market: these are the categories in which the suggestions are collected and evaluated by a jury. "Please join in! The idea postcards are available at many locations. On four Saturdays, there will be opportunities to contribute ideas at four different locations in and around the city center," says Mayor Andrea Kaufmann. "We want to develop the city center qualitatively and sustainably together with the people of Dornbirn," adds City Marketing Councillor Dr. Alexander Juen. The ideas competition starts on Saturday, July 23 at the City Museum Park. Ideas can also be submitted online.

At the entrance to the pedestrian zone in Marktstra├če, the new "Pebbles", which are seating and reclining stones that are already being used intensively by visitors to the city center, were installed last week. This project is part of the new "street furniture" along with the rows of seats in front of the town hall and the Kulturhaus. Such and other ideas are sought with the competition: how can the city center be made even more livable and the visit to the city center even more interesting. How can the quality of stay be increased even more? This will involve both minor improvements, but probably also suggestions that need to be examined more closely. "Even if not every suggestion can be implemented, the competition is intended to stimulate further thinking about the future development of Dornbirn as a place to live," notes City Councilor Alexander Juen. For him, it is important to involve the population in this development. The proposed measures must be aimed at a real perceptible upgrading of the inner city. With this competition, the city is looking for new impulses that contribute to an increase in the quality of stay and increase the time spent in the city center.

Participation is easy

Idea postcards are available in numerous stores in the city center. Please fill them out with a great suggestion, don't forget your contact details, and hand them in either at City Hall, at City Marketing or at one of the four "Idea Saturdays". These will be held on July 23 and 30, and August 6 and 13. The "Living Room" will move from the City Museum to the Parish Park and then to the Kulturhaus Park. In each case from 10:00 to 12:00 there is also a program here.

Ideas can also be submitted online:

Award and implementation

The best ideas and suggestions will be evaluated by a jury in the categories of quality of stay, mobility, sustainability, retail, culture/events or weekly market and rewarded with inside shopping vouchers. They will then be examined for their feasibility; some ideas can be implemented quickly, while the city will probably have to deal with others more intensively. In any case, the implementation will take place together with the idea givers, who can also contribute themselves.