Kunst Raum Stadt

with digital works by Erwin Wurm

Exhibition duration July 13 - October 31, 2021

Curators: Gerald Matt, Jürgen Weishäupl 

Kunst Raum Stadt premiere with digital exhibition by Erwin Wurm

Kunstraum Dornbirn, in cooperation with the city of Dornbirn, presents an augmented reality (AR) art project for public spaces under the title "Kunst Raum Stadt" (Art Space City): Via the AR app - Wikar - visitors can digitally merge with specially created artworks by renowned artist Erwin Wurm at various locations in the city. 

Via a QR code on the floor, the virtual sculptures are displayed and the common image is created - urban space and artwork become one. "The project emerged from the strategic partnerships for the Capital of Culture application. Dornbirn can be considered a model region - for the first time, this digital access to art in public space is possible in Austria," says Mayor Dipl.-Vw. Andrea Kaufmann.  

The Wikar app was developed for the internationally active DARIAH network (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities). Part of this network and partner is the curator and project manager Jürgen Weishäupl. The artistic part was curated by Dr. Gerald Matt. "With Kunst Raum Stadt, Kunstraum Dornbirn and the City of Dornbirn are repositioning art in public space. In the coming years, this area of cultural activity is to be significantly expanded," adds City Councillor for Culture Dr. Alexander Juen.  

The project was financed with support from the federal government, the European Union and the city of Dornbirn.

More than a dozen selected works by Erwin Wurm, including Flying Mother and Fat Car, have been scanned and recreated as virtual works. They can be called up on the spot via the augmented reality app Wikar using a QR code. Posing, freely according to desire and mood is desired. Pictures of the works in public space can be taken directly in the app. There are no limits to the imagination of the users. The resulting "pictures with art" may and should be shared on social networks. #KunstRaumStadt

International significance
The project is technically based on the developments of the internationally organized and managed network called DARIAH, which deals with digitally supported research and teaching for the humanities, especially for the field of art. Universities, experts and technology providers work together on a European level. For the first time in the German-speaking world, this opportunity is available to the public - an enrichment, not only for the cultural sector.

About the artist
Erwin Wurm is one of Austria's most internationally renowned artists. Only recently, the exhibition "Big" was shown at Kunstraum Dornbirn. His work is inextricably linked to the "expansion of the concept of sculpture". In Wurm's work, essential lines of development of sculpture in the 20th and 21st centuries are still apparent today. By exploring the borderlines between sculpture, action and performance, Wurm significantly expands the artistic discipline of sculpture.

His project in Dornbirn is not about retrospectively showing the work of this probably best-known contemporary Austrian artist, but rather about expanding his sculptural oeuvre with a virtual dimension. The sixteen works become visible in and through the urban space and enter directly into an experienced dialogue with the visitors. In this interplay with the public space of Dornbirn, the complexity as well as the content-related and formal power of Erwin Wurm's works becomes clear.

Further information at kunstraumdornbirn.at