Dornbirn most beautiful gardens

Dornbirn is looking for the most beautiful gardens

Dornbirn is blooming!
The competition has long been a special highlight in Dornbirn for all garden lovers and flower enthusiasts. The jury starts on July 20 with the inspection of the gardens. Due to weather conditions or depending on the state of vegetation, the jury tour could also be postponed by a week. This year we are again on the lookout for insect-rich nature gardens. Therefore, there is now a new fifth category - category E: the natural bee garden. Now all that remains is for you to choose your applicable category and register with us by Sunday, July 9, 2023.

This year's categories:

  • Group A: Flower decoration at the house (balcony, terrace, farmhouse, etc.)
  • Group B: The creative garden
  • Group C: The family garden
  • Group D: The garden as a recreational space and food source
  • Group E: The natural bee garden

We look forward to your participation. Registrations by mail to sabine.gabriel@dornbirn.at or by telephone under 05572/22188. For further information we are at your disposal!

Sabine Gabriel-Kofler
Sabine Gabriel-Kofler
Project Director