Blumenwiese Dornbirn

It's getting colorful again in Dornbirn

The city gardener Andreas Dür has again this year put together a wonderful flower mixture with special attention to bee-friendliness. As of now, the popular "Dornbirner Blumenwiese" is available again.

The Dornbirn flower meadow is back again

The flower mixture of the "Dornbirner Blumenwiese" contains a wide variety of seeds that provide pollinators such as bees, bumblebees or butterflies with an important source of pollen and nectar. City gardener Andreas Dür has chosen a very diverse variation: cornflowers, cosmea, zinnias, flax, baby's breath, asters, calendula, sage, daisy, nigella, poppies, scabiosa and campanula. The flowering period of the flower meadow is from May to October and will certainly embellish numerous gardens or potted containers with bee-friendly, flowering diversity this year. The "Dornbirn Flower Meadow" is available for € 5 at the Dornbirn tourist office.