Temporary art gallery in Dornbirn shop windows

May 22 - July 17, 2021

Gallery Inside

19 artists
19 shops
1 fish

Temporary art gallery in Dornbirn shop windows May 22 to July 17, 2021

Art needs space, space needs frequency - under this motto, galerie inside opens shop windows to art during the summer. For two months, 19 renowned Vorarlberg artists, curated by Dr. Ingrid Adamer, show their works in the displays of selected stores.

Dornbirn offers shopping experiences of a special kind.

In order to further increase the attractiveness of the city, inside dornbirn and the advertising agency IRR are taking an unconventional approach and creating a lively meeting place with an art trail in the city.

In 19 business premises, art meets customers, and on the other hand, those interested in art find an appealing range of goods.

Together, they create inspiring moments. Let yourself be surprised and discover the extraordinary during a shopping tour or while strolling through Dornbirn's city center: paintings, photographs, objects, ceramics, videos, installations and site-specific artistic works.

Art needs space, space needs frequency

Art is an elementary part of life culture, it opens up new ways of thinking and perspectives. The creators of art enrich our existence with their ideas and works. Imagine life without works of art, the world would be a dreary place! Art needs freedom and space, frequented space with people who at best are curious and open to encounter the works and also invest in art. Above all, art needs commitment and avowal. The Dornbirn advertising association inside creates with this special action an added value for all involved and thus helps especially in these difficult times in the right place.

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